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Safety & Compliance

At Northern Heavy Haulage, safety is our highest priority. The measures we put in place to ensure the safety of everyone involved in our projects are always scrupulously applied. They ensure that all parties are familiar with their CoR responsibilities. As a result we have one of the highest safety records attainable in the industry.

Safety is layered within our process in many forms:

  • We have full accreditation from various national accreditation schemes and are members of numerous safety regulators, including the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS), Western Australian Heavy Vehicle Accreditation (WAHVA), NT Main Roads, NatRoads, NT Road Transport Association and the Queensland Transport Association, these keep us up to date with all new legislation and guideline changes.
  • The implementation of comprehensive OHS policies and procedures, including internal and external training that all staff receive and carry throughout their employment with our business.
  • All of our trucks are fitted with the latest Satracking devices that relay real-time movements back to our management team and assist with compliance and policy.
  • Commercial Blackvue incab dashcams are installed in every truck, creating electronic records of every movement. These files are downloaded and electronically stored for all bridge supervision compliance, insurances and internal policy.
  • All equipment is maintained and serviced as per the requirements of the NHVAS maintenance management guidelines, with regular internal and external audits carried out to ensure continued compliance.
  • All maintenance is managed and recorded in online portal, Gearbox, to ensure that accreditation compliance is always met, the auditing process is streamlined through the use of this software. This furthermore makes certain the safety of all road users, third parties and people involved in any stage of an NHH project.
  • We conduct regular drug and alcohol tests both internally and externally for all our staff to ensure not only the drivers’ safety but that of all road users and the safety of the cargo being delivered.

As operators in the heavy haulage industry it is our responsibility to maintain the highest levels of safety in every area of our business. All of our safety strategies are in place to make sure that compliance is constantly being met and that everything we do aligns with CoR and transport safety requirements. 

Northern Heavy Haulage complies with all statutory requirements regarding workplace health and safety, environmental and corporate governance including:

All of our internal processes policies and procedures and standards are set and maintained to ensure that all these requirements are met in every project we carry out. Our policies can be viewed here: